Body Image

Body Image

‘Translations’ University of Greenwich, Heritage Gallery in an exhibition  as part of the Body Talk Conference  alongside artist Deborah Padfield. July 6th-14th 2016

“I create art to act as a mirror of my internal and external reaction to the world.”

This work is originated with an image ‘Body Temple’ where I created a self portrait  projecting an idea of ‘home’ onto my body. Since then I created a community art project ‘Body Image which was a Year of the Artist Project 2000 and invited people from pre and postnatal groups to be photographed in this way.

This exhibition includes new new photographic projections, including images of ‘alternative families,’within’ and ‘flowering’- mirroring different states of being. This work expresses the interrelation between the model’s image of themselves and their ideas about beauty both within and without.

Jennifer Patterson, curator of the exhibition and Body Talk conference organiser writes in her essay ‘Translations : Body Image, Greenwood on her work’ “Body Image artwork is the name of a series pf photographs, etchings dance and film produced since 1988 of re-photographed projections on top naked skin. It includes new work from last year’s RA Summer show and from a Community Arts Year of the artist project with pre- natal volunteers from the Crowbourgh birthing unit.”

Nymph Photo Projection
Family Together 2 Solar Etch of Photo Projection
Star Goddess Photo Projection

“Rather like a magpie, I take photographs of simple thingsin nature that I find attractive, glittery objects, flowers, leaves clouds, natural objects with symbolic meanings, feathers. Theses are then projected onto a persons skin with light and an experience is created which can be transformative, as well as creating an expressive image meaningful to us both. The new image captures the individual in a different world, playing with projected images that they have chosen and are symbolic of things that are relevant to them.”

TRANSLATIONS (Body Talk: whose language?)